Innovator Founder Visa

UK Innovator Visa Secured for A South American Client

By Amer Zaman

on May 27, 2022

The Context

Our client had contacted us following a disappointing relationship with a previous agent based in Brazil. Our client had paid a deposit on a case to a previous representative in their home country; however, they failed to advise our client in full and further failed in obtaining an Endorsement. Our client had no idea which Endorsing Body was approached or what documents had been presented to them.

When our client approached us, they were worried about the investment funds as they did not hold the required amount for the required amount of time. This was a particular issue as our client was looking to submit his application as quickly as possible.

When approached by our client, we were told to disregard anything which had been done on their case previously and to start from scratch, as they had no confidence in the work done by their previous lawyer.

How We Assisted

Our client was quite confident that their business idea was innovative and that they would have no trouble in obtaining an Endorsement. Their concern was that they were unsure as to how they could approach an Endorsing Body and how they would need to present the application to them.

We worked with our client to understand the innovation of the business and to then put that into a business plan. We advised our client that the only way for an Endorsing Body to understand the business idea, its innovation, viability and scalability would be to present that through a business plan which addressed those points.  We sat down with our client to ensure all points were covered in the business plan, including what their financial projections were over the next few years.

While we prepared our client’s business plan, we also sought to address our client’s concerns regarding investment funds. We asked our client to provide all personal bank statements from which he intended to invest funds into his business. We advised our client that the Endorsing Body could certify the investment funds in their Endorsement Letter.

We subsequently liaised with the Endorsing Body and successfully enrolled our client into their mentoring programme, in addition to applying for their Endorsement. Given that we had also prepared for the visa application at the same time, we were able to prepare our client’s application ready for submission a few days after we received the Endorsement Letter.

The Outcome

After a short period of two weeks, our client collected his passport to find that he had been granted the Innovator visa. Our client was absolutely delighted with the result, having been worried that he may not recover from the position he was left in by the legal representatives in his home country.

We are UK-qualified and UK-based immigration lawyers who have professional working relationships with a number of Endorsing Bodies. If you have an idea that you wish to present to an Endorsing Body, why not contact us today to discuss the best way to do so?

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