Sponsor Licence

Innovator Visa Holder Is Granted Sponsor Licence for His Company

By Amer Zaman

on August 3, 2022

The Context

Our client, a US citizen who had previously been granted an Innovator visa, was now looking to hire a worker who was not a UK resident. The company had been trading for around 15 months and they were ready to scale up.

The worker had been identified through a rigorous recruitment process and was ready to be sponsored.

How We Assisted

We had previously assisted this client with their Innovator visa and after their debriefing, they had mentioned that in the future, they may need to recruit from outside the UK. We provided him with a brief on the sponsor licence process, as well as a generic documents list so that when the time came, he could be somewhat prepared for the application process.

When the client approached us regarding the sponsor licence, he was grateful for the advice that we had given him previously, as he had taken steps to ensure the company was structured in such a way that he was compliant with what the Home Office would look for.  He had managed to gather some documents and we were able to advise on how he could make them stronger.

He mentioned that another lawyer online was advising that the Authorising Officer must be a British national. We advised that as per the Home Office guidance and policies, business owners residing in the UK under the Innovator visa route could also act as Authorising Officers and Level 1 users.

After a second review, we prepared the sponsor licence application and provided the relevant documents for him to submit to the Home Office.

During the consideration process, the Home Office requested further evidence from our client regarding his compliance systems. He prepared a response for us to review. We advised that it would be helpful to share some screenshots of their HR system to help evidence their claim. We finalised the client’s response and advised the client on how they could respond to the Home Office.

The Outcome

After a total wait time of eight weeks, the Home Office notified our client that his company had been successful with the sponsor licence application. Our client was extremely satisfied with the level of service they had received from Cranbrook Legal.

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