Indefinite Leave To Remain

ILR Granted For A Pakistani National

By Amer Zaman

on April 24, 2022

The Context

Our client had been living in the UK for a continuous period of 10 years on a combination of visas and was finding difficulty in understanding the complexities of the long residency visa application.

Our client first entered the UK on a Student visa to complete his undergraduate degree. After completing this, he extended his stay to study further here in the UK and completed his postgraduate master’s degree, too.

Upon completion of his studies, he was offered a job in the UK and was sponsored by a UK-based company. After he had worked for the company for two years, the company started facing financial difficulties and subsequently was forced to close. Our client received a curtailment letter from the Home Office and his leave was curtailed to 60 days. He applied for another role in a different company; however, his leave had expired by the time he was sponsored and applied for a Tier 2 Work Permit visa.

He was concerned that due to overstaying for 17 days, his continuous residence had been broken and he was not eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain.

How We Assisted

Our team advised him that prior to 24 November 2016, applications for leave to remain were not refused on the basis of overstaying if made within 28 days of the expiry of leave. Therefore, his overstaying period of 17 days would not impact his application for indefinite leave to remain. Now that the client was at ease, we requested him to provide the relevant documents in support of his application to prove that he had been living in the UK legally for a continuous period of 10 years and during this 10-year period, his absences from the UK were not in breach of the Immigration Rules.

After reviewing the documents supplied by our client, our team reassured the client that the documents he had provided were sufficient and substantial evidence that proved his leave was continuous in the UK.

Our team submitted the application and prepared a detailed cover letter explaining the circumstances in which his Tier 2 Work Permit visa was previously curtailed, and how the delay in submitting his extension application should not be impacted.

The Outcome

After a wait of around three months, our client received a positive decision from the Home Office and he was granted indefinite leave to remain. He was overjoyed with the outcome and praised our ability to handle his case “professionally” and our “friendly” and “helpful” services.

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