Indefinite Leave To Remain

Helping an Argentinian National’s Case for UK ILR

By Amer Zaman

on April 20, 2022

The Context

Our client, an Argentinian national, who is married to a British citizen, entered the UK on a Spouse visa valid for 30 months and successfully extended his leave under the same route. Our client was granted leave under the five-year partner route and was therefore eligible to apply for ILR.

During his residence, our client and his spouse were blessed with two children. This meant that his spouse had to reduce her working hours, which reduced her salary to below the threshold. Our client was concerned that due to her drop in salary, he would not be able to apply for settlement after completing five years. He did, however, instruct us that he had also been working in the UK part-time during the most recent visa period.

How We Assisted

Fortunately for our client, our team was on hand to give them accurate legal advice and help him to complete his visa journey in the UK. Our team reassured our client that their joint salary could be combined to meet the financial requirement threshold of £18,600.

We calculated the combined salary earnt in the 12 months prior to applying for ILR was more than what was required for meeting the threshold, which brought peace of mind to our client as that was his main concern. Our team prepared a detailed list of documents to support the application which they then went through with the client.

We assisted our client in gathering and collating the documents from the list. This put our client and his spouse at ease, and they were able to collate sufficient evidence to satisfy the requirements for ILR.

The Outcome

Our team having assisted in putting together a substantial set of documents to support our client’s application for ILR, the Home Office granted him indefinite leave to remain under the Spouse visa category. Our client was ecstatic and relieved that our “meticulous” and “hard-working” team were able to help him stay with his family in the UK.

The last leg of the visa journey can be a nervous time as years of hard work can be undone by supplying the wrong document or omitting key information regarding your circumstances. We find that clients are least likely to take a risk at this stage of the application journey, given that they are so close to achieving ILR. Contact Cranbrook Legal today to discuss whether you are eligible for indefinite leave to remain.

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