Sole Representative Visa

Securing A Filipino Client’s Sole Representative Visa

By Amer Zaman

on April 14, 2022

The Context

Our client, a Senior VP of Sales, works for a pharmaceutical manufacturer in Manila, the Philippines. The company offers its services to large pharmaceuticals to manufacture and package their drugs at its facilities for subsequent shipping all over the world.

The company had over 35 years of experience in the sector and was now planning to expand its business further by entering the UK market and approaching the UK-based pharmaceutical companies to offer its services. They felt that without the expansion, the business would stagnate.

Our client had been working in her current role as the Senior VP of Sales for over five years. She had a successful track record with the company and all the right credentials to be successful in her role to launch a UK-based office for the company.

How We Assisted

Our team provided clear guidance on the Home Office requirements for the Sole Representative visa. We requested all the documents from our client as well as the company to review the merits of their application.

Upon reviewing the files, our team noted that a more detailed business plan was required and pointed out the relevant sections that were a little short on detail or lacking in clarity. Our client requested additional consultancy on the business plan as she felt that from an immigration perspective, it was not complete. We were able to advise on where we felt the business plan was lacking.

Our team prepared the application and compiled the documents in the correct order so that as soon as the business plan was updated, we were ready to submit the application on our client’s behalf. The application was submitted on a priority basis upon our client’s request.

The Outcome

We are pleased to say that within two weeks of our application, our client was issued a visa as a Sole Representative.

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