Sole Representative Visa

Bangladeshi National Granted A Sole Representative Visa

By Amer Zaman

on April 13, 2022

The Context

Our client, a Senior Global Sales manager, works for a textile and clothing company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The company has contracts with a number of American high-street and online clothing retailers to manufacture their clothing lines. They wanted to expand their business by entering the British market. They felt it was essential to have a physical presence in the United Kingdom to be able to showcase their services to their prospective clients.

Our client had a number of years of experience working with the company, five of which he had spent in the United States to set up their American branches. Now, he was being asked to do a similar job and launch their presence in the United Kingdom.

Our client commented that the visa process seemed daunting and confusing. We reassured him and advised that we would break down everything for him in stages so that both he and his employer would have a realistic idea on the chances of success and the likely timeline to receive the decision from the Home Office.

How We Assisted

We provided our client with a comprehensive list of the required documentation, both from him personally, and from his employer. We noted that in addition to our client’s recent time spent in the USA, our client had previously been in the United Kingdom over 10 years ago as a student. We further noted that he had overstayed his student visa at the time by three months, before returning home to Bangladesh.

Our client explained that this was due to some extenuating circumstances at the time. Our team worked hard to prepare further detailed representations on behalf of our client to explain the reasons behind his overstay previously. This was done to ensure that the Home Office understood the reasons for the overstay and did not hold that against our client when making a judgment on his application as a Sole Representative.

The Outcome

The Home Office required further documentary proof with regards to our client’s circumstances surrounding his overstay. Once this was submitted, a swift decision was made in favour of our client. Our team was humbled by the gratitude shown by our client and his company and their feedback on the work we did on their behalf.

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