Sole Representative Visa

Indian National CTO Granted A Overseas Representative Visa

By Amer Zaman

on April 12, 2022

The Context

We were approached by the CEO of the parent company to advise on obtaining a Sole Representative visa for their CTO in order to establish a subsidiary in the UK. We were recommended to our client by one of our existing clients that had acquired an Innovator visa with our assistance.

His company, a large IT support service provider company based in Bangalore, India, was founded by three business partners and had already successfully expanded its operations over the previous seven years to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

While most of our client’s work was over the telephone and through the Internet, to support their customers with software and network support services, they wanted to take the next step in their business operations by opening a physical branch in the United Kingdom so that they could provide a more personable service to their customers. They also planned to open a UK-based call centre for their premium UK-based customers.

Our client wished for one of the founders to relocate to the United Kingdom through a Sole Representative visa in order to launch the UK-based branch.

How We Assisted

Our team discussed the documentation that was required of our client and also to provide the credentials for the Sole Representative to assess whether or not he had the required level of expertise and experience to be eligible for the Sole Representative visa.

Once we reviewed all the documentation, we had to inform our client that their chosen Sole Representative was not eligible for the visa as he owned a majority share in the parent company. We recommended that one of the other two founding members, who both owned identical amounts of minority shares (non-controlling shares) in the company be put forward instead as the Sole Representative to lead the project to launch the UK branch.

The Outcome

We were able to successfully prepare and submit the application for the Sole Representative visa on behalf of our client. We received a prompt decision on the matter and were successful in acquiring the visa for our client. Our client commented on their impression of our law firm as “diligent, professional and honest”.

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