Sole Representative Visa

A Sole Representative Visa for An Indonesian Client

By Amer Zaman

on April 10, 2022

The Context

Our client, with 15 years of experience in a senior position working in a fast-growing business in Indonesia, sought advice on how the company she worked for could establish a subsidiary in the UK. She had recently arrived in the UK with a Business Visit visa to undertake research about operating a business in the UK and was required to report back to her employer.

During her visit, she was able to make contact with a number of potential customers, which reinforced the fact that the UK would be a great place for them to operate from. The parent company intended to remain in Indonesia and was only looking to send one employee to the UK to establish a presence here.

In light of the fact that the UK seemed a good destination for the business to expand in, she wished to understand the appropriate visa for this project and the requirements.

How We Assisted

During a consultation, we discussed with our client what the aims and objectives of the parent company were, not only in the short term, but also in the long term. It was important to understand this, as it would determine which visa was appropriate for her. We discussed the Sole Representative visa and advised her that she met the requirements for this visa route.

We advised her on the types of supporting documentation needed for a successful application, in addition to advising on the ‘genuine intentions’ criteria to set up a subsidiary in the UK. We felt that we could benefit from having the employer involved in the call too, as a substantial volume of documents was needed from the employer. We provided the client and her employer with the list of documents needed, so that she could return to Indonesia and collate them.

While in Indonesia, we remained in regular contact with our client to review the documents she wished to submit. We advised her on which documents needed to be amended in order to comply with mandatory documents required by the Home Office. While the documents were amended, we completed the online application form, as well as detailed legal representations explaining why the visa should be granted. Following our review of the documentation, we prepared the application for submission.

The Outcome

Our hard work eventually paid off when we were able to inform our client that her application for the Sole Representative visa had been successful. Our client was now free to enter the UK and establish a subsidiary here. She was overjoyed at how quickly the matter was able to progress and commented that we are “highly recommended”.

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