Sole Representative Visa

Client from Argentina Gains a Sole Representative Visa

By Amer Zaman

on April 15, 2022

The Context

Our client was a computer software company that had been successfully operating for over four years. Their Senior Manager was granted a Sole Representative visa from outside the United Kingdom.

The Senior Manager of the company worked for over four years. She had been one of the very first staff members to be hired by the company when it was launched at the beginning of 2017.

Our client wished to send her to the United Kingdom as their Sole Representative, to expand their software into the United Kingdom market. They felt that the presence of a senior team member that had been with the company since the early days was essential to the success of the UK subsidiary of their company.

How We Assisted

We outlined the requirements and explained to our client all the documentation needed to show that their proposed Sole Representative had the required knowledge, expertise and skill to lead the UK arm of the sales operation.

We reviewed all the documentation and organised it in a chronological order. We further identified some supplementary documents required to strengthen the business case. Meanwhile, our team also prepared the application so that once all the documentation was in order, the application could be submitted without any further delays.

The Outcome

We were pleased to announce that our client was successful in acquiring the visa as a Sole Representative. Despite the delay in the acquisition of some of the documentation by our client, we managed to streamline our process to get a positive and timely result in our client’s favour. Our client commented on our “keen eye for detail” and has subsequently recommended a further two clients to us.

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