Sole Representative Visa

Sole Representative Visa For A Chinese National

By Amer Zaman

on April 11, 2022

The Context

Our client, the Chief Marketing Officer of a large manufacturing company based in Guangdong, China, was seeking entry to the United Kingdom to help expand the business into the UK. He had previously overseen their expansion into the Middle East and was now eager to replicate this in the UK.

Our client had been employed by this company for the best part of 10 years and had led its expansion in both China and the Middle East. He had been earmarked for this expansion role in the UK because of his successful track record in developing the business. He was also one of the few members of the senior staff that could speak English.

They intended to begin operations in the UK in around four months and hoped to have him in the UK by then.

How We Assisted

We advised our client on the Sole Representative visa process including all the documentation that was required. We identified there were a number of documents that our client did not have possession of; however, we advised him of alternative documents that could be submitted.

Following the review of the documents, we suggested that greater detail was added to the business plan to reflect the short, medium and long-term aims and objectives of the UK subsidiary. Our team was able to confirm that the individual in question was suitable for the Sole Representative visa due to his long track record with the company and current position as one of the company directors.

We worked hard to compile the application in a timely manner. Our team ensured that all the required and supplementary documentation was present and in the correct order and then it was submitted on our client’s behalf.

The Outcome

We were delighted to advise our client that his application for a Sole Representative visa was successful. He was impressed with the attention to detail, especially during the review of his documentation. We were able to meet the initial time frame that was discussed with them. Their Sole Representative has made a lot of headway in the setup of their UK subsidiary and is currently in the process of hiring recruits for the company in the UK.

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