Bangladeshi National Was Granted Asylum Based on Religion

By Amer Zaman

on January 26, 2022

Our client was recently granted asylum in the UK after he was referred to Cranbrook Legal by a friend.

The Context

Our client, from Bangladesh and born into a religious family, was fearing returning to his home country as his lifestyle was not in compliance with his family’s issues.

Since a very young age, he had questions about the concept of religion and God. He was fearful to share his beliefs in the beginning. However, as he was growing up, his doubts also increased, and more and more questions arose in his mind about God.

He started questioning the existence of God to priests of different religions. However, he did not get a satisfactory response from any of the people he spoke to. He found that the priests and the followers of the religion were quite hostile towards him. Unfortunately, his own family disowned him at a young age.

He always wanted to study science, as he believed that only science could clear his doubts. With the help of his friends, he was able to get admission into a UK college to study. However, he was in the process of applying for a UK Student visa when he was attacked by one of his relatives. He was severely injured, but survived. When he spoke to his family about the incident, he was told that this was what he deserved.

He realised that he needed to study outside of Bangladesh if he was to study in peace.

How We Assisted

Prior to instructing us, our client had already claimed asylum in the UK and had been through the first interview stage (the screening interview). He received a letter asking him to provide documents in support of his claim, and he was unsure as to what evidence he should provide. He was quite nervous and confused about what was to come.

We were able to guide him through the asylum process and guided him in relation to the supporting documents to provide. Unfortunately, he did not have a lot of evidence to back his claim. We advised him that credibility is important when the Home Office considers asylum claims. We advised him that if he was able to provide strong and credible answers to the Home Office, there was a good chance of his asylum being approved.

Our solicitors worked with the client in relation to putting together the limited documents that the client had, topped up with case studies about the strict religious practices in Bangladesh and how people are punished for deviating from those practices and principles.

We also advised the client to obtain an expert report on the matter, which would also be helpful. When our client was invited for a substantive interview, we worked with the client to ensure he was prepared for the interview and what to expect.

During the interview, we noted that he was able to provide a credible account of his life in Bangladesh and was able to satisfy the Home Office that in the event of him returning to Bangladesh, his life would be in danger.

The Outcome

After careful consideration by the Home Office, our client received a positive decision, granting him refugee status in the UK. Our client was overjoyed at the decision to grant him refugee status in the UK, and he could now move on with his life without fear of being attacked by family members.

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