South American Asylum Seeker Granted Protection

By Amer Zaman

on May 19, 2022

The Context

A day before coming to see us, our client entered the UK with his wife and two children and claimed asylum. Following a brief chat with an immigration officer at the border, he was given immigration bail and advised to seek legal advice. He was further informed that he must return to the airport to speak to an immigration officer in three days’ time. Our client was concerned that if he was to return to the airport, he may be forced to return to his home country.

Upon reaching his hotel, our client called around various solicitors. Cranbrook Legal was the only firm of solicitors that was able to offer him a same-day appointment, as well as a dedicated solicitor and caseworker to handle his case.

How We Assisted

Our client informed us that he was previously part of a gang in his home country and after rehabilitation, had attempted to leave the gang. He feared for his life from the opposing gang members, as well as the gang he was previously a member of. Before he arrived in the UK, his house was attacked by gunmen who shot at the house several times, after which he realised that he must leave his home country to protect both him and his family.

Our client had a long history of violence while he was part of the gang. However, since the birth of his daughter, he left the gang and since then had received threats from his ex-gang members and the opponents.

Our expert immigration solicitor advised him about the basis of asylum claims and the process of claiming asylum. We also advised him on the documents that would be required to support his claim.

Our client only had enough funds to survive a further two days with his family, and had no other help available. Our client did not have any family or friends in the UK. We contacted the Home Office immediately and informed them of our client’s position, and arranged an urgent appointment for him to formally claim asylum so that he could access urgent funds and accommodation.

We were able to contact asylum support in order to arrange accommodation for our client and his family. The following day, our client was taken to suitable accommodation by the Home Office. This came as a big relief for the family, as they were worried for the children.

Over the next few months, our client provided us with documentation to support his claim for asylum in the UK. With our assistance, we were able to verify the evidence through an independent third party.

Upon receiving the substantive interview date, our client was understandably nervous, as he feared that if his asylum was refused and he was returned to his country, both his and his family’s life would be in danger. We were able to reassure him through going through his evidence and advising him in relation to his claim.

At the substantive interview, a representative of the firm attended the interview with our client as an observer, and was able to advise the client at approved intervals during the interview.

The Outcome

After three months, our client and his family were granted refugee status for a five-year period, after which they will be eligible for indefinite leave to remain. Our client was relieved after going through a gruelling asylum process, but was happy to have had Cranbrook Legal at his side.

The asylum process can be a difficult maze to navigate through. However, Cranbrook Legal has unparalleled success in asylum claims and can guide you through the process. If you are unsure whether your circumstances merit an asylum claim, please contact us today to discuss this further.

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