Innovator Visa UK

Securing an Innovator Visa for A Client from China

By Amer Zaman

on April 9, 2022

The Context

Our client, a Chinese national, was a Chief Technology Officer in a digital technology company based in China and the US. He had recently secured some funding for his business idea which he wished to establish in the UK.

He felt the UK was the ideal location as it would help him have access to both the US and Chinese markets, at the same time as having access to the European markets. This would allow him to run his business without conflicting time zones which would ease working pressure on him.

How We Assisted

After a consultation with our client, we felt that obtaining an Endorsement from the Endorsing Body was achievable, providing that our business plan could reflect the innovation in the business idea.

We were able to prepare our client’s business plan for an Endorsement under the Innovator route. The Endorsing Body was happy with the business plan but required further clarification on the financials. The business plan was amended to reflect the queries and resubmitted.

Our immigration team then worked with the client to prepare his application, working through the online form, but crucially to understand and extract key parts of the business idea to ensure the Home Office would understand the innovation, scalability and viability.

The Outcome

Following our client’s appointment at the visa application centre, his Innovator visa was approved within 16 days.

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