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Innovator Visa Granted For Pakistani National

By Amer Zaman

on April 11, 2022

The Context

Our client, a Pakistani national, was residing in the United Kingdom with a Student visa. He had recently completed his master’s and had developed a business idea that he felt was innovative. At the time, he did not personally have access to the required minimum investment of £50,000 and felt that the Start-up visa would be ideal for him.

He was hoping to secure settlement in the United Kingdom in the quickest way possible as he required certainty regarding his immigration status so that he could develop his business further.

How We Assisted

When we consulted with our client, it was immediately clear that his business idea was innovative, viable and scalable. We felt that obtaining an Endorsement from the Endorsing Body should not be overly difficult; however, we were determined to find a solution to our client seeking settlement in the United Kingdom in the shortest time possible.

We discussed with our client regarding how he intended to fund his business, given the technological aspect of the business. We noted that there were investors involved who would be providing capital for the business for our client to develop the idea.

We advised our client that he could potentially rely upon the Investors for the £50,000 investment required for the Innovator visa. We advised our client regarding the documentation that would be needed to satisfy the visa requirements.

We were able to prepare our client’s business plan for an Endorsement under the Innovator route. The Endorsing Body sought clarification regarding the source of the investment which after clarification, they were happy to endorse.

We prepared our client’s visa application following the grant of the Endorsement. We advised our client that given the investment, we would present the application in a different way to normal. As part of his application, we prepared detailed legal representations explaining how our client met the immigration visa requirements.

The Outcome

Following our client’s appointment at the visa application centre, his Innovator visa was approved within six days and his biometric residence permit (BRP) delivered to his home address. Our client was relieved that our solution worked out for him and that he could be eligible for settlement after three years rather than five.

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