Spouse Visa

Pakistani National Approved For His Spouse Visa

By Amer Zaman

on March 22, 2022

The Context

When our client’s partner first contacted us, she was unsure whether the Fiancé visa or the Spouse visa was the correct route. During our chat with her, we discussed the benefits of applying for both visas and the cost and time implications.

Ultimately, our client and his partner opted for the Spouse visa route as applying for the Fiancé visa would mean that our client would need to switch from the Fiancé visa to the Spouse visa after six months, which would incur an additional Home Office fee. The couple were happy to move forward with their wedding plans and therefore the Spouse visa became the better option.

Our client and his partner were in a long-term relationship having first met each other while both were working in Dubai. Due to the pandemic, both lost their jobs and returned to Pakistan and the UK respectively. The couple remained in touch and following introductions to each other’s family, they decided to marry.

Fortunately, our client’s partner secured employment in the UK upon her return. She relied on her six months’ payslips demonstrating that she was able to meet the financial requirement and was able to accommodate him too.

How We Assisted

We were able to lay out the two visa options to our client, weighing up the advantages and disadvantages. The matter came down to cost and while it was in the firm’s interest for our client to apply under the Fiancé visa, it was not in the client’s best interest. We advised him honestly, which he was extremely appreciative of.

We advised both him and his partner of the requirements, specifically for someone employed for less than one year. We prepared the application in full, including our comprehensive legal representations which fully detailed their relationship and how it formed, developed and led them to marriage.

The Outcome

Our client, after a wait of approximately five weeks, was issued with entry clearance as a spouse to join his wife in the UK. The client was relieved and thankful for the fact that we had saved him over £1,000 in fees payable to the Home Office over the course of his UK visa journey.

While you may be eligible for two visas at the same time, it pays to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of these visas. We often find clients who take this decision upon themselves make the wrong decision, so why not contact us today so that we can discuss this further?

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