Spouse Visa

American National Issued UK Spouse Visa

By Amer Zaman

on March 21, 2022

The Context

Our client, an American national, had been married for around six months. Having gone through the Home Office website and some other forums, she felt that the correct visa to apply for was the Fiancé visa. She believed that her marriage in the United States would not be accepted in the UK for visa purposes and therefore began preparing the Fiancé visa application.

A concern regarding the financial requirement led her to give us a call, after which it was realised that she had prepared the wrong visa application.

Our client was on a strict deadline as she had already made preparations in the United States to leave and starting an application again could delay matters for her. Our client provided the rest of her evidence which showed that her spouse’s payslips did not correspond with her bank statement.

How We Assisted

Our client had made clear that the application would need to be prepared on an urgent basis. We prioritised her application to ensure that we could have the application prepared within 48 hours. Where normally we would take the application stage by stage, we agreed with the client to work through the stages at the same time.

This required us to provide our client with a documents list which was needed for the correct type of application as our client had collected documents for the Fiancé visa. Our client was unsure as to what information some of the documents would need to include. We discussed this at length with our client to ensure the documents were in order and that she was aware of what the requirements were.

While the client collected the documents, we were able to complete the online application form in order to minimise the delay in preparing the application. Within 72 hours, we were able to prepare and submit our client’s application.

The Outcome

Our client was issued with an entry clearance Spouse visa after 14 working days following our application submission under the priority service route. Our client was happy that we had “saved her from making a huge mistake” which would have not only cost her money but also her time.

The Immigration Rules can be complex and difficult to navigate through. It is quite easy to make a mistake and go down the wrong path. To avoid this, why not give us a call today to discuss your immigration matter so that you are clear about what type of application you need to make?

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