Spouse Visa

Nigerian National Granted Spouse Visa After 2 Weeks

By Amer Zaman

on March 23, 2022

The Context

Our client needed to join her husband in the UK urgently. Her spouse was an international businessman who travelled for work extensively. Due to a change in her personal circumstances, she wished to join her husband in the UK.

The couple had in fact been married for a number of a years and had lived together in numerous countries over the last 10 years. Most recently, due to work commitments our client’s spouse had been working and living in the UK, establishing his own company here. They were slightly worried as to how the Home Office would feel about the fact that they had been married for so long but had not applied for a visa before.

They felt that they did not meet the Immigration Rules as he had recently started a new job, and he was advised by a number of immigration advisors that he would need at least six months’ payslips to support the application.  This had dissuaded them from applying for the visa even though they were keen to do so.

How We Assisted

We advised our client that with respect to the financial requirement, there was no need to submit six payslips as he was a “high earner” and that if his payslips could show that to date he had already earned £18,600, this would be sufficient. We were able to quickly identify that he was a high earner and therefore did not need all six payslips.

We advised our client as to what documents were needed to satisfy the financial requirement, as well as documents covering their marital relationship. It was important to provide context to their relationship, so we had to ensure our clients’ documents did not just cover their recent history but also documents from when they first entered into a marital relationship.

We were able to file a comprehensive application providing a large volume of documents detailing all aspects of their relationship from the start until now. We filed detailed letters from both our client and her spouse to humanise the application to make the Home Office understand why our client and her spouse were not able to make an application sooner.

The Outcome

Our client was delighted to hear the news that she had been granted an entry clearance Spouse visa for 30 months. She had felt that she would have wait at least another three months before she could make an application; however, with our assistance and “out of the box” thinking, we were able to secure a positive result for her.

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