Innovator Founder Visa

Healthtech Innovator Is Granted A UK Innovator Visa

By Amer Zaman

on July 27, 2023

The Context

A healthtech innovator with a groundbreaking telemedicine platform sought Cranbrook Legal’s expertise in securing an Innovator visa. Their platform aimed to revolutionise remote healthcare services by connecting patients with medical professionals through advanced virtual consultation technology.

The client had been struggling to secure an endorsement through a registered Endorsing Body, and was becoming increasingly frustrated with the process. The client had heard that Cranbrook Legal enjoyed a strong reputation with Endorsing Bodies, and that these Endorsing Bodies were open to working quickly with us.

How We Assisted

We advised the client that each Endorsing Body had a different process for screening business ideas. However, we explained that on the basis of the strength of connections that Cranbrook Legal had with Endorsing Bodies, we would be confident in being able to move quickly to secure an endorsement, subject to the Endorsing Body’s approval.

As the client had already been partly through an endorsement process, documents were available to him, which he could forward to us. We reviewed these documents and advised that he could provide further documents to help strengthen his application for an endorsement. Our view was that the product was innovative, so we should not waste time seeking the Endorsing Body’s initial thoughts on the innovation aspect.

We therefore prepared a full endorsement application, complete with all supporting documents, which we felt would help make for a quicker decision from the Endorsing Body.

The Endorsing Body responded to the application after a short period of 10 days, requesting an interview with our client. Prior to this interview, we refreshed the client with the business plan, ensuring that they were confident with the market research as well as their plan for establishing the business in the UK.

The interview with the Endorsing Body went very well, and shortly afterwards, the Endorsing Body confirmed that they would issue an endorsement letter.

Our team worked closely with the client to compile a robust visa application, emphasising the platform’s potential benefits to the UK’s healthcare system.

The Outcome

The Innovator visa was granted, enabling the healthtech innovator to launch their telemedicine platform in the UK market.

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