Innovator Founder Visa

Innovator Visa Application Success for Canadian Client

By Amer Zaman

on April 7, 2022

The Context

Our client had been employed by international organisations in both Canada and the United States. She had a background in IT as an architect and had been working on a project in her own time relating to a finance app. Her ultimate goal was to be able to work on her business from the UK as there was a real market for that product.

She had become frustrated with the Endorsement process as she had made Endorsement applications previously which had been rejected. She felt that she did not get much in the way of feedback and was unsure how the product could be developed further.

How We Assisted

We advised our client that the business may lack in terms of innovation and were able to put her in touch with a team of advisors who felt that the product could be improved to provide the innovation needed. The client commented that she had already been rejected for an Endorsement, but we felt with the amendment, we could secure the Endorsement.

We were able to prepare a new business plan and following a brief chat with the Endorsing Body, we submitted the Endorsement application. The Endorsing Body required further clarification on certain points, which we reviewed with our client, before responding to the Endorsing Body. Thankfully, the Endorsing Body found that the business idea was indeed now innovative, scalable and viable.

We had already been advising our client about the visa requirements and following the issuing of the Endorsement Letter, our client provided us with the relevant documents. We completed her visa application and submitted within the time agreed with our client.

The Outcome

The visa application was prepared on a priority basis and the visa was issued to her after three weeks. Our client felt overwhelmed following the grant of the Innovator visa, as she had been rejected for an Endorsement previously and did not feel she would be in this position.

We never feel that any case is dead and buried so if you have been refused an Endorsement, get in touch with us so that we can discuss this further to see how your idea can be tweaked to ensure future success.

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