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Securing an Innovator Visa for An Indian National

By Amer Zaman

on April 4, 2022

The Context

Our client, an Indian national with over 15 years’ experience as a businessman in the subcontinent had been both working and residing in the Middle East and was now looking to launch a health and wellbeing product. Given the UK’s growing health market, he felt the UK would be the ideal location for him to launch his product from, as it would give him access to leading healthcare retailers.

Our client had been referred to us by a previous client who we had successfully obtained a visa for to enter the United Kingdom. Our client was finding it particularly difficult to get in touch with the Endorsing Bodies as they did not entertain speculative applications. He was frustrated in his attempts to seek an Endorsement.

With regard to the visa, our client was unsure whether he would meet the financial requirement as he was not sure whether he held the right amount required for the maintenance requirement.

How We Assisted

Our client required assistance with obtaining an Endorsement. We arranged a meeting with our client and asked him to pitch his idea to us, as that would help us understand his business and assess whether he could seek an Endorsement. We advised our client with regard to the innovation, scalability and viability parts of his business, which we stressed on our client to ensure this was factored into his idea.

After refining the idea, we felt that there was an opportunity to obtain an Endorsement for our client and we were able to move to the stage of preparing a business plan. We were able to conduct all relevant tests and analysis with the assistance of our client, and we were able to prepare the business plan in full within 21 days. We then presented an application to an Endorsing Body, which was able to analyse and endorse our client as the business plan which had been prepared was concise, clear and well presented. We were able to rely on our working relationship with the Endorsing Body to ensure a quick turnaround time.

At the same time as the Endorsement was being considered by the Endorsing Body, we were able to advise our client on the types of documents needed for the visa application. As the Endorsing Body had given us a positive indication with regard to the Endorsement, our client was eager to move forward with preparation of the visa and especially regarding the financial requirement. We analysed our client’s bank statements and advised him how he could use all his accounts to help him meet the financial requirement.

Shortly after the Endorsement was received, we were able to prepare our client’s application quickly, as we had already been provided with the supporting documents from the client. Our cover letter (which consisted of legal representations of over 10 pages) clearly explained to the Home Office why our client should be granted a visa.

The Outcome

12 days after the client’s appointment at the visa application centre, he was contacted by the visa application centre to notify him that a decision had been made. Upon receiving his passport back, our client was thrilled to see that he had been granted an Innovator visa. Following the grant of the visa, our client commented on how our team “are amazing” and were “strongly recommended”.

If you are thinking about establishing a business in the UK that is innovative, why not contact Cranbrook Legal today to discuss your idea and how we can help you obtain both an Endorsement and a visa?

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