Sponsor Licence

Home Office Approves Sponsor Licence for Edtech Company

By Amer Zaman

on February 16, 2023

The Context

An edtech (education technology) start-up sought Cranbrook Legal’s help in obtaining a sponsor licence prior to starting its operations. The company’s goal was to reform the education sector through a unique online learning platform.

The client wanted his company to sponsor a worker who was already in employment with them. The client was concerned that as the worker’s Student visa was coming to an end, he may not be able to sponsor him before the visa expired.

How We Assisted

The Cranbrook Legal team advised the client that while turnaround times were approximately eight weeks, the company could apply using the Home Office’s priority service for the licence application as well as the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). This would reduce waiting times significantly.

Our team guided the client through the application process, demonstrating the company’s innovative business plan and the need for the applicant to be in the UK in order to develop and launch the product. We also helped the client to establish compliant HR systems.

The Outcome

The Cranbrook Legal team was confident that a strong application had been prepared and that the company would obtain a sponsor licence. Based on this, the company opted to apply for the priority service, which they were selected for. A positive decision on the licence application was made after just seven days.

Our client further requested us to help the worker with their Skilled Worker visa application. We requested documents from the client in support of his application for a Skilled Worker visa. He explained that he was having trouble booking an English language test before his visa expired. We advised that as he had completed a master’s degree course from a university in the UK, he would be exempt from having to take an English language test.

This greatly helped our client, and he was able to swiftly provide us with all the documentation. After this, we submitted his Skilled Worker visa application, which was ultimately successful.

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