Sponsor Licence

Sponsor Licence Application Successful for IT Company

By Amer Zaman

on February 23, 2023

The Context

An IT company contacted Cranbrook Legal for assistance in securing a sponsor licence before launching their business. The company focused on developing software for medical treatments using biotechnology.

Following the submission of the sponsor licence application, the Home Office contacted the company and its authorising officer to explain that in order for the department to make a decision on the application, a compliance visit would need to be conducted.

It was expected that during this visit, the interviewing officer would question the authorising officer on the company, its recruitment practices, and its ability to prevent illegal employment. The client was advised that the visit would be conducted within five working days.

How We Assisted

Our experts in UK immigration law here at Cranbrook Legal swiftly arranged an audit of the company’s systems, in addition to conducting a mock compliance visit. This helped ensure that the organisation was adhering to all requirements and would be able to show the Home Office that upon being granted a licence, the company could comply with its duties as a sponsor.

Following the mock audit, the authorising officer felt confident that she could manage a full compliance audit by the Home Office.

The Outcome

Following the Home Office visit, the company was successful with the sponsor licence application, which meant it could now begin sponsoring workers.

Our client provided documents in support of his application for a Skilled Worker visa, which we turned around within five days. We completed the online application form for the client and prepared legal representations, explaining why the visa should be granted. We then submitted the online application, uploaded all supporting documents, and arranged the biometric appointment at the visa application centre close to our client’s home.

After a short period of 10 days, the client was granted a Skilled Worker visa, and could now enter the UK and begin work in his company.

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